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Karampon Foundation of Canada
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Home of Joy for People in Special Need- Vanni.

Dear Friends and Families,

 The Karampon Foundation of Canada (KFC) is proud to announce that we have decided to support an organization called the Home of Joy for Special Needs Children in Vanni led by Sr. Lourds Joseph.  Details of the organization, their vision and mission are provided below in a concept note from Sr. Lourdes. 


It’s truly an honour and privilege to be able to assist an organization that has the taken the initiative to craft such a fruitful purpose.  We are excited at the opportunity to help a meaningful cause. 


To kick off our work with Home of Joy, KFC sent our first donation on August 8, 2019. Details of the donation and its recipient will be emailed to the members of the foundation. 


We will continue to assist Home of Joy with your encourage and support. 


Thank you for your generosity.

About Home of Joy
About Home of Joy

HOME OF JOY for special need, is fully committed to care the needy people for the past 25 years and intended to support Special needs children and differently able persons are among the most vulnerable and most marginalized people.

For several years we have supported the special need children with a holistic development  approach. Through this project the special need children would be holistically developed through play therapy music therapy etc. hence the special need children feel joy.

Home of Joy is formed in the firm belief that there is an urgent need to strengthen, transform and construct a society with the message of proclaiming that Disability is not inability, but as the normal children the special need children also “Can do something not everything”

Letter From Sr. Lourdes - Home of Joy
A Letter

August 17, 2019

Dear Members of Karampon Foundation of Canada (KFC),

“Peace be with you in the Lord ‘

I thank you on behalf of my children for your timely help to fulfill our basic needs. Received on 8th August the money you sent RS. 100,000/= sorry for the delay in replying. We were busy with land clearance at Panikankulam for Permanent Building. Our greatest set back is no coverage and internet to sent E-Mail. We have to connect Wi-Fi .

Your help was used as follows:

Drilling Tub well 135 Feet depth. Cost Rs 115,000 /= Our need for water is full filled. Up to now we had to get from Railway quarters outside of our compounds. Now we can do vegetable farming, raring cow for Milk and Poultry.

So I am grateful for the kind help sent at our crying need. Now we need to put up fence around 2 arc Land for Building. If it possible kindly let me know and I can send the estimate. I have to ask few people to share the cost.

With kind regards and prayers are with you to Go forward in this charitable work. your support gives strength to continue this project to the special need to not beg on the Road.


Concept Note

Concept Note –Vanni Special Needs People’s Care Home and Integrated Farm Training Centre



  1. After 30 years of war and numerous natural disasters, there are many in Sri Lanka in extremely difficult circumstances. Special needs children and differently abled persons are among the most vulnerable and most marginalised groups of people in Sri Lanka.

  2. According to the census statistics of 2012, there are 1,617,924 individuals with either a mental or physical impairment in the total population. The majority of persons had visual impairments (nearly 1 million), followed by difficulty in walking (nearly 735,000).[1] When looking at impaired persons in the school going age group (5 to 19 years), 30,308 out of 88,740 were not engaged in educational activities. In particular, 20.3% of primary school aged children with impairments (5 to 9 years) were not receiving any kind of formal education.[2]


  1. The vision is:

    1. To create a centre that can be a focal point in providing assistance to special needs children and differently abled persons who are affected by war and natural disasters.

    2. To create a home environment that is safe, friendly, and inclusive to such persons.

    3. To respect the human rights of such persons to create an environment of joy and hope for their future.

    4. To provide such persons with basicneedsto help live content and independent lives, including nutrition and medical care, education, and vocational and livelihood training.

Action Plan

  1. The implementing organisation will be the Vanni Special Needs Home Managing  Committee. The vision will be carried out by the following action plan:

    1. Providing vocational training for beneficiaries to bring out their skills and talents.

    2. Providing basic education, including reading and writing.

    3. Providing counselling services to help individual deal with the consequences of trauma and depression.

    4. Providing targeted education to special needs children.

    5. Providing opportunities to engage in cultural activities, including dance and music.Activities

  2. The care home will have three focus areas:

    1. Building a care home for boys and girls aged between the age of 5yrs to 25yrs years of age. The home will cater for equal numbers of boys and girls. The purpose of the home will be to Male & 50Female

    2. Creating a vocational training centre for special needs youth. The types of activities envisaged for the training centre include, carpentry, farming, handicraft, aluminium fittings, Poultry, cattle raring.

    3. Creating a children’s nutrition home. The purpose of the nutrition home will be to improve the health and prevention of disease.

  3. The integrated farm will cover crop as well as livestock farming.

  4. The livestock farming will include:

    1. Cattle rearing with for milking (approx. 5 cows), requiring approx. half an acre of land.

    2. Goats (approx. 5), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    3. Rabbits (approx. 100), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    4. Poultry/country birds (approx. 1000), on approx. ½ acre of land.

  5. The crop farming will include:

    1. Coconuts (approx. 200), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    2. Cashew trees (approx. 300), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    3. Cinnamon trees, on approx. ¾ acre of land.

    4. Coffee plants, on approx. ¾ acre of land.

    5. Pineapples/citrus fruit (approx. 100 trees), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    6. Pomegranate/papaya/lime/passionfruit (approx. 100 trees), on approx. ½ acre of land.

    7. Grapevines, on ½ acre of land.

    8. Vegetables (such as Beans, tomoto, brinjol, carrot, cabbage ect), on ½ acre of land.

    9. Araknutsewing with beatle (approx. 100 trees), on ½ acre of land.

    10. Beatle (approx. 50 trees), on ½ acre of land.

  6. The integrated farms will require andeep well, a tank, and pipe lines.


Sr.Lourds Joseph,


Home of Joy for Special Need Children,

A9 Road, Mankulam,

Sri Lanka.


+94 766771189 

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