Date: 04th May, 2020


Dear Parishioners,

St. Sebastian’s church,



Request for contribution to church maintenance



Greetings to all.


Kindly allow me to introduce myself. I am Rev. Fr. Pathinathan I am the parish priest at St. Sebastian’s church in Karampon -Kayts, Sri Lanka. I pray for you and your families to stay safe and healthy during this global health crisis.


I am writing you today to ask for your kind contribution and generosity to maintain St. Sebastian church.Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient enough funds to do the basic maintenance of the church currently.


I understand that all of you have suffering to deal with the personal expenses especially during this global pandemic, having this in my mind I am asking only for a contribution of $1 CAD per month in total of $12 for the year. Your $1 CAD per month will go a long way and will make a tremendous impact for us. You can choose to pay for more than one year or donate more than $12 CAD if you wish to continue your support to the church.


I understand that it is not practically affordable for families that live abroad to send $12 CAD directly to us since the transfer fee itself will be more than the donation amount. Hence, I have approached some of the St. Sebastian’s parishioners those are residing in Canada and inquired whether the administration team could help to collect the funds. I specifically chose the because they have the capability to process small online payments through PayPal which is one of the most secured online platform for online credit card payments without incurring transfer fees. I am grateful to the team for agreeing to assist us without any hesitation.


Therefore, through the assistance of you can choose to donate online by PayPal at the website. They will transfer the funds to me on a monthly basis along with a list of the donors so that I can send a receipt to the donors respectively. Please note that I authorize the administration team to accept and collect all payments on behalf of St. Sebastian’s church -Karampon. If you wish you can also choose to send your donations directly to the parish account. The details are provided below;


Account name:St.Sebastian’s church, Krampon parish priest .

Bank and Address:Peoples bank – Hospital Road, Kayts.

Account number:105- 2001- 5000- 4420

Bank code:7135

Branch code:105


Thank you in advance for your contribution and generosity. Asking god to bless you and your family and those you serve, I am.


Sincerely yours in Christ,




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