How to make contribution to St. Sebastian's Church Karampon Parish  

There are two ways to pay your contribution.

1) E-Transfer

2) PayPal

If you live in Canada, you may choose either E-Transfer or PayPal.

For E-transfer please use following instruction:

E-Mail :

If you live in other than Canada your only option to pay your contribution is through PayPal or you may send it directly to  Karampon parish bank account.

Here is the small instruction if you are not familiar with PayPal online payment platform.  First of all you DON'T need to have PayPal account to make any payment through PayPal. Simply use your credit card to make the payment. PayPal is one of the most secured platform to make your online credit card payments. 


Simply click on  DONATE Button on the St.Sebastian's Church Karampon Parish page, as shown in the picture below.


Please type the desired amount that you want to contribute.  as shown in the picture below.


If you don't have PayPal Account and to pay with a credit card please click on      "DONATE WITH A CARD" button  as shown in the picture below.

If you have PayPal account and to pay with PayPal please click                                           " DONATE WITH PAYPAL" button.


Please fill out the required information and click on "DONATE NOW" button as shown in the picture below.

Now you are successfully completed the transaction.